Acne Mesotherapy Serum 5x5ml

Acne Mesotherapy Serum 5x5ml




Ampoule DERMXS Acne The ampoules are designed for needle-free meso therapy and beauty treatments using ultrasound and / or current.
You can be applied directly to the skin in the office or at home

DERMXS ampoule Acne is intended for skin prone to acne.

With the proper selection of components was created a product that combats the symptoms.

The product has anti-inflammatory and prevent the formation of abscesses,

which are a consequence of the colonization of pathogenic species of bacteria on the skin surface.

The preparation contains plant extracts, active soothing effect on the affected skin.

Extract from Epilobium fleischeri regulates the secretion of sebum and soothes irritation.

The formulation was applied complex substances, which includes oleanolic acid and NDGA (Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid).

These compounds exhibit antiseborrhoeic, inhibit hyperkeratosis of the epidermis and sebaceous glands