Armesso – AM Liporeductive Solution 10x5ml

Armesso – AM Liporeductive Solution 10x5ml




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Works against rebellious and localized adiposities, dystrophies and hydro lipodystrophies.
It is used for weight loss treatment and body shaping.*
The Liporeductive Solution has the following composition:

L-Carnitine. 1GR.
Being an Amino acid derivative, the L-Carnitine is an essential co-factor in the oxidation of the fatty
acids; it facilitates the metabolism of aerobics of carbohydrates, it increases the rate of oxidative
phosphorylation and it promotes the excretion of certain organic acids. Thanks to its action it increases the effectiveness of other products with a marked lipolytic effect by increasing the intraadipocytary levels of AMP-c.

Caffeine. 75 mg.
Vegetable alkaloid that intervenes in and promotes the process of lipolysis by inhibiting the action of phosphodiesterase, favoring the accumulation of the MPc, the stimulation of the lipase triglyceride and the increase in the mobilization and metabolization of the free fatty acids.

Organic Silica (Monometilsilanotriol Salicylate) 50mg.
Chemically, the organic silicon is a metalloid with a lipolytic action at the level of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, due to a direct stimulation on the AMPc hence increasing its concentration. The silicon is also part of the tissue’s macromolecules, such as the collagen, elastine, proteoglycans and structure glucoproteins .*

• Reducing (Slimming) treatment.
• Dystrophies.
• Hydrolipodystrophies.
The most common techniques used are electroporation, iontophoresis or ionization and sonophoresis.

Electroporation: consists in the emission of electromagnetic waves which temporarily modify the permeability of the cellular plasmatic membrane, achieving the entrance of active principles into the skin pores.

Iontophoresis: uses galvanic current (mostly characterized by producing physical and chemical alterations which are the beginning of physiological effects) to introduce certain substances to the interior of the organism.

Sonophoresis: uses ultrasonic energy to introduce substances into the interior of the organism.

ARMESSO AM is specialized 100% in the manufacturing of the highest quality active principles in order to achieve successful virtual treatments.

Use through derma-roller, electroporation, iontophoresis, sonophoresis and cavitation techniques.



Pregancy or lactation.


Box-  10 x 5 ml